Somaliland: President Chairs Kulmiye Party Executive Committee Meeting


His Excellency, President of the Republic of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi, attended the executive committee meeting of the Kulmiye Party today at the party headquarters in the capital city of Hargeisa.

The meeting commenced with an opening address by the President and was welcomed by the Party’s chairman, Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, who is also the Minister of Interior. Alongside other key party members present, they discussed the party’s ongoing activities and preparations for the upcoming elections.

The executive committee meeting of the Kulmiye Party deliberated on various important matters including election preparations, the progress of the agreement between the Republic of Somaliland and Ethiopia, and the current security situation in the country. Valuable suggestions and insights were shared by committee members to enhance the party’s chances of securing a third consecutive term in government, which were greatly appreciated by the party leadership.

The head of the technical committee overseeing the agreement with Ethiopia provided updates on the tasks at hand, highlighting the positive advancements towards a successful agreement implementation between the two nations. President Bihi, also briefed the committee on the agreement’s details, emphasizing its transparency and the long-term benefits it aims to bring after decades of effort.

In a press briefing following the meeting, President Bihi acknowledged the constructive input from the committee members and emphasized the importance of unity and peaceful elections. He urged all candidates to uphold integrity and ensure a conflict-free electoral process for the benefit of the nation.

Furthermore, the President reiterated the party’s commitment to fair elections and expressed confidence in Kulmiye’s readiness to conduct a transparent and credible electoral process. He highlighted the party’s longstanding history and readiness to accept the election results, emphasizing the importance of accountability and responsible leadership in the political landscape.

In closing, President Bihi reassured the public of Kulmiye’s leadership among competing parties and pledged a respectful and fair electoral campaign, culminating in results that reflect the will of the people.