Somaliland Mourns Loss of Esteemed Leader Mohamed Hashi Ilmi


The President of the Republic of Somaliland, His Excellency Muse Bihi Abdi, attended the funeral of the late Mohamed Hashi Ilmi, a highly esteemed leader within the Somaliland community. The state funeral took place at the Baqiic cemetery on the southern outskirts of the capital city, Hargeisa.

In addition to the president, the funeral was attended by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, parliamentarians, ministers, politicians, veterans, officials from the Somali regional government, traditional leaders, and various other members of the community. The deceased was laid to rest outside the Baqiic cemetery, a significant honor in Somaliland.

During the funeral, several veterans who fought alongside the deceased, including Mujahid Ibrahim Hussein Dhego-Weyne, Prof. Abdisalan Yassin, and Mujahid Hassan Jama Ali (Dayah), spoke about the deceased’s role in the SNM organization and the liberation of the country. They described his contributions as a struggle marked by goodness and unwavering love for the nation.

Notable figures, such as poet Hassan Haji Abdilahi (Hasan-Ganey) and Sultan Hassan Sultan Abdilahi, sent their heartfelt condolences to the family and relatives of the deceased, praying for his soul to find eternal peace in heaven.

Academician Ibrahim Aden Dolaal, a respected politician from the Somali Regional State, attended the funeral and offered prayers for the deceased to be granted Paradise. He emphasized the lasting impact the deceased had on the world, leaving behind a visible mark of goodness.

Dignitaries present at the funeral, including the Ministers of Interior, Information, Planning, and Religion and Endowments, spoke about the deceased’s history and expressed their condolences to the relatives and the entire nation of the Republic of Somaliland.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Prof. Yasin Haji Mohamud Hiir (Faro-toon), first and foremost, extended his condolences to the family, relatives, and the entire nation of the Republic of Somaliland. He acknowledged the deceased’s long history of struggle, perseverance, and dedication to the development of his country and its people.

President Muse Bihi Abdi described the late Mohamed Hashi as a national icon who dedicated his life to development and working for the common good. He highlighted the deceased’s role in paving a positive path for future generations to follow. The president expressed his deepest condolences to the deceased’s relatives and friends, acknowledging the profound loss they are experiencing.