Somaliland: President Bihi Chairs Cabinet Ministers Meeting


The 80th Session of the Somaliland Council of Ministers was held today in a video conference chaired by the President of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi, accompanied by the Vice President of Somaliland and Chairman of the Covid-19 National Committee, Hon. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail (Saylici).

Prior to the start, the Council heard a report from the Chairman of the National Committee of Covid-19, the Vice President of the Republic of Somaliland, who elaborated on the situation of Covid-19, noting that the number of deaths has been increasing in the last three months. In the last six days, 28 people have died. He also said that the Commission will issue decisions on the prevention and control of Covid-19.

The Council had a long discussion on the problems and disputes in rural and urban areas, and the following points were made:

  1. Pastoral lands are being looted, fenced off or settled and conflicts and violence ensue.
  2. The backbone of the economy is declining as more pastures are closed.
  3. Citizens are not equal in terms of land, as some have occupied large territories while others barely have any.

The Somaliland Constitution defines land, mountainous and marine resources as the responsibility of the government, but unfortunately not all citizens have read the constitution. Thus, it is imperative that all citizens read the Constitution, so they can better understand the importance of respecting and abiding by the laws of the land. The Council also appointed a Commission that will collect more information on the disputes and problems pertaining to land and make recommendations on how to solve them. 

Finally, the Council heard a briefing from the Ministerial Delegation on security operations in Sool Region, and briefed the Cabinet members on the progress made so far, and that the security operation is progressing well. The rest of the Council commended the efforts made by the members to strengthen security in Sool Region.


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