Somaliland: Chief Justice Dispatches to Awdal Region On A Working Visit


By Gulaid Dalha

As part of his dedication in expediting case resolutions, the Chief Justice of Somaliland has dispatched to Borama, the capital city of Awdal region.

Accompanied by top brass officials of Judiciary Body, Prof. Adam has been an official working tour to the western regions of Somaliland. During his visit, Ali resolved pending cases and while pondering lawsuits have already been filed.

Sources close to the entourage of the Chief Justice indicate that he has almost resolved majority of the pending cases and carried out cases that were subjected to litigation or legal proceedings. The sour

While sitting beside a row of his judicial members, the Chief Justice had almost finished resolving the mounted cases in courts.

On the other hand, the Chief Justice released 17 prisoners that have been apprehended in Borama prison.


Since the appointment of Adam Haji Ali as the Chief Justice of Somaliland, praises have been mounted on him due to these tireless efforts in mobilizing and expediting the lawsuits and cases.

Adam has also been lauded with the vivid reform on the Judiciary System at large and his major contribution to the mobile courts – a system that reflected much applause to the judiciary system. Mobile courts allow access to justice for everybody


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