Government to Restrict Competition among Telecommunication Companies



The government of Somaliland has spoken out against the competition and competition between the country’s telecommunications companies, and said that the competition is good for the customers, but not satisfied with the open competition, thus proposes control.

The government also said it was working on a plan for companies to negotiate an agreement that will facilitate inter network communications.

This was revealed by the Somaliland Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and Technology Dr. Abdiweli Sheikh Abdillahi Sufi Jibril, during an interview where he added that the government’s plans to have its own code thence depart from the ±252 one shared with Somalia.

In terms of technology, we first say, “Telecommunications Competition is good for consumers, but yet competition needs to have rules, and open competition always needs to be regulated, and now we are working on their rules, so that competition can proceed properly. “It would be a fair competition and we are now in control of the rules.”

Commenting on the Ministry’s plans for Internet and Technology, he said: “Technologically, we are doing our best and we want to make great strides in in that sector and show the world that we are a great country.”

Speaking about Taiwan technology and its relationship with Somaliland, he said, “Taiwan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of technology, mobile phones and laptops made in Taiwan, and for example Samsung buys chips in Taiwan and then mixes them. install the equipment make, then we suggest you take advantage of the need we are aware of the need for us, we’re with, ”

He called on the people of Somaliland in general to protect their peace, sovereignty and cause.


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